Game 110: NYY vs. SD — Romine shines in Hughes loss

I have to say a game where Austin Romine makes the most outstanding play isn’t probably going to be the best game in the season. Not to say that Romine isn’t a good player, but seeing as he’s considered the 3rd string catcher who’s not really known for any kind of offense, that’s certainly saying a lot.

Well, Phil Hughes became the first Yankee pitcher of season (in a long time, at least, in my memory) to earn a double-digit losing record, now sitting at 4 wins to 10 losses (read as 4-10). And really, lately every time Hughes is on the schedule, most Yankee fans are holding their breaths for a good outing, maintaining that hopeful outlook that we’ve come to have with other pitchers on the rotation like Kuroda. But today wasn’t going to be one of those days. Hughes threw just 71 pitches over 2 innings and 2 outs into the 3rd inning, allowing 5 hits and 3 walks. Now, the good news is that none of his 5 earned runs (yes, in those first three innings) were home runs, which is his usual weakness in a loss.

No, in the 2nd inning, Hughes allowed back-to-back singles, a stolen base, and a sacrifice fly to score the first run. A walk and sacrifice bunt then loaded the bases, so that a single scored two more runs before Romine threw a really great shot to Eduardo Nunez to get out another runner and stop the carnage. Then, in the 3rd, a single, a walk, a ground out, and an intentional walk loaded the bases with one out. Another sacrifice fly scored the 4th run for the Padres, and a single scored the 5th run. This forced a call to the bullpen for Preston Claiborne to close out the inning.

Claiborne got into his own bit of trouble in the 4th inning when he allowed an RBI single to make it 6-0. So it then was Warren for the 5th and 6th, Logan in the 7th, and Chamberlain in the 8th all kept the Padres from adding to their lead.

Let’s face it, no team likes to be shut out, least of all the Yankees.  So they made their impact in the 6th inning. With two outs, Robinson Cano and Alfonso Soriano each earn a walk. Then Curtis Granderson’s single scored Cano, and Lyle Overbay’s single scored Soriano. And the Yankees sliced into the Padres lead. And in the 7th inning, it was (like I mentioned above) Austin Romine would add a run of his own with his first MLB solo home run, straight out to center field and into the Padres’ bullpen. Now, what makes this extra special is that Petco Park in San Diego is considered a “pitcher’s park” because it has more room in the outfield. (Yankee Stadium is considered a “batter’s park”, much is made of its “short right porch”.)

A big congratulations to Romine and hopefully many more to come.

Anyway, the Yankees lost to the Padres 6-3 as they head to Chicago for their next series. And at this point, it seems to be still up in the air as to who will be able to play with them Monday.

Derek Jeter has now been diagnosed with a Grade I calf strain. A DL stint isn’t out of the question, but I’m guessing with all the recent talk they won’t choose that route. A few more days of rest might be a better option than another “setback”. Continued well-wishes to him and all those still trying to make their way back onto the roster.

So, there is much speculation and “sources” being tossed around regarding the upcoming results of MLB’s investigation into recent PED usage. But until there is a solid, official announcement, any speculation is just that and has no place on a blog geared for a positive outlook. Tomorrow, the MLB is said to announce any suspensions and what each player plans to do (appeal or accept). But until anything is final, nothing (and no one implicated) will appear here.

Again, it accomplishes nothing to focus on the negative except breed more negative. But positivity just encourages growth and life. People don’t succeed under shame, anger, or other negative “encouragements”. So let’s remember to be positive in our conversations and hope for the best. After all, there’s still so much left of the season and of life to live yet. You never know what can happen, and hopefully, it’ll be better than you can possible imagine, exceeding any expectations. I mean, Romine certainly proved that today. Who knows who it’s going to be next!

Go Yankees!

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