Spring Games 22 (PHI vs. NYY) & 23 (NYY vs. ATL) — Space Jam & Groundhog Day

The Yankees were shut out of both games today, splitting the squad between hosting the Phillies in Tampa and visiting the Braves at Disney. In total, their opponents scored 11 runs (7-Phillies, 4-Braves) to the Yankees’ grand total of 0. Both games were relatively quick, and both were not a whole lot of fun to watch.

In Tampa: both Derek Jeter and Kevin Youkilis hit very nice doubles but could never cross the plate. Hiroki Kuroda seemed to have a book-ended start today — nice in the beginning, messy (allowing 4 hits and 4 runs) in middle, and a very strong finish. The Yankees also signed a new player from the Tigers, Brennan Boesch, to play in the outfield while Granderson heals from his injury at the start of the season; he didn’t see much action in right field today and his bat has yet to make a dent on the scoreboard, but there’s still a few weeks left of Spring, so we’ll see how that transaction turns out.

At Disney: there’s not much to talk about on the Yankees’ side of things, as it was very much the Braves show from the start. David Phelps had a little trouble with his start today, allowing 7 hits and the Braves’ 4 runs over his 5 innings, but he did strike out 6 batters. And like I said, that’s all I have to say about that.

I walked into the stadium this morning and something just felt a little off. I walked out just a couple of hours later with proof. It was a quick game, but everyone was just trudging through mud to make it to nine innings. And this happened in both games. I think we had a Space Jam kind of day. Now, perhaps I’ve dorked myself out to you now, but the plot line works (and at least it’s a sports movie). Something came into the Clubhouse this morning and just sucked all the power and life out of the team. Well, whatever it was, they need it back and soon. This wasn’t just a bunch of sloppy plays (that was a few days ago) or being out-matched (that was a few weeks ago); this was very different.

I guess if you could pick one of the days this Spring to have a Groundhog Day-like experience to wake up tomorrow and redo the whole day, today would be my pick. I really try on this blog to stay positive even when there’s not a lot to be positive about. So I guess my positive outlook on today is that it’s almost over, and there’s another game and a fresh start to a new day tomorrow. And let’s be honest, no matter how many runs anyone scores against the team, it still doesn’t count for anything in the long run. Maybe it’s just soothing to remember that or maybe it’s denial, but tonight, I think all Yankee fans can use some soothing denial just to tide us over until tomorrow.

Go Yankees!

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